Carrots, Folly and Chubs - all good reasons to never take mom to the feed store during the 2013 Easter season.

First snake of the season June 5, 2013. 

Hillyard Farms utilizes the following professionals for the care of our animals.

Scarlett Mobile Large Animal Service

Eric Sellers - Farrier

Contact Information

Amanda Hillyard - Farm Manager
7301 Hidden Lane Ext
Pleasant Garden, NC  27313

Phone:  336 674-6479

Products - Sheep & Fleece

Reserve Your 2013 Fall Fleece
Luxurious fleece will be anticipated to be available at $8.00/lb in time for the Christmas season.  This would be a great gift for the handspinner or fiber artist who is looking for that special fiber for their next project.  The dual coated fleece color selection includes cream, pure white with apricot shading and cafe' au lait with silver and black accents.  All fleece is  heavily skirted at shearing. 

SEPTEMBER 2012 PICTURES OF FLEECE PRIOR TO SHEARING, 2013 Pictures will come closer to the fall.

(serious interest in purchase of individual sheep will be considered)

Toby - 2008 wether, white with apricot shading, produces great fleece.  Big boy, even personality, easy keeper.  Toby is the sheep everyone needs in their flock because he keeps track of all the lambs, won't let a smaller sheep be picked on by anyone bigger and is one of those sheep who makes all this look easy.  Picture taken 26Sept12.

Buddy - 2009 wether, off-white.  Would make great addition to your flock.  Big boy with easy going personality.  Picture taken 25Sept12.

Buttercup - breeding ewe who always twins, mother of Toby, Caramel & Snobby Twin.  Off-white with apricot accents, absolute lady and head of the flock.  Picture taken 25Sept12.

Caramel - 2009 ewe, off-white with apricot shading, very soft.  Gentle girl, easy keeper.  Picture taken 26Sept12.

Peanut - 2009 ewe, off-white.  Smallest lamb of 2009 breeding season who is a spitfire that is just fun to have as a part of the flock.  Easy keeper, mother Krissy who twins each pregnancy.  Picture coming.

Krissy - breeding ewe, mother of Shy, Peanut & Buddy.  Big girl with very easy going personality. Picture coming. 


  Snobby Twin - 2009 ewe lamb, very soft long staple white fleece with apricot shading.  Easy keeper, mother twins, would be great addition to anyone's flock.  Picture taken 25Sept12.

Shy - 2008 wether, off-white, very soft.  Picture taken 25Sept12. Picture coming.