Carrots, Folly and Chubs - all good reasons to never take mom to the feed store during the 2013 Easter season.

First snake of the season June 5, 2013. 

Hillyard Farms utilizes the following professionals for the care of our animals.

Scarlett Mobile Large Animal Service

Eric Sellers - Farrier

Contact Information

Amanda Hillyard - Farm Manager
7301 Hidden Lane Ext
Pleasant Garden, NC  27313

Phone:  336 674-6479


Everyone is so happy with the Spring 2013 grass.  They may be the only ones happy with all the rain we got this winter and spring.

Now the reason all that rain isn't that fun.  Fence put up by previous owner taken out by two trees during the spring rains.  Made for a fun Sunday of cutting up trees. 

Spring Shearing done May 2013.  Apparently no one wanted to be sheared this spring because they were darned difficult to catch. 

"Just act like you don't see them.  Shy, you run left, I'll go right and maybe we can outsmart them and keep our clothes on"

Love at First Sight
Cody and favorite Aunt

2013 Winter and Spring rains have the pastures looking better than ever. 

I (mom) have hijacked Amanda Hillyard's website to thank her for the new bathroom she remodeled for me December 2013.  She demolished the existing bath, laid a heated floor and tiled/grouted the floor and shower.  Thanks for the new bathroom.  Enjoy the picture of her work. 


ARI - our BLM guardian donkey






Hillyard Farms is a family-run farm focused on preserving
the Icelandic breed of sheep.  We provide luxurious heavily skirted fleece for use by handspinners and fiber artists.  Individuals interested in purchasing wethers, ewes or ram should contact:  Amanda Hillyard, Farm Manager. 


This is what you do when you don't have a timeclock to punch or a boss.